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Every traveler wants the freedom to enjoy the world in their own individual style.

Sahar Travel & Tour offers many options including airline tickets and tour packages. Since 1996, Sahar Travel has successfully expanded its services to include all travel needs and become a consultant for many tours. Sahar Travel offers discounted fares throughout the year to all Mediterranean destinations, and offers programs for special and custom tours such as:

Whether you are Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, or a student of ancient history or modern politics, Palestine/Israel has a special significance as a travel destination.

If you are looking for simply the best way to travel to Egypt, let Sahar Travel show you this fascinating part of the world as few travelers are able to see it. Sahar Travel is one of the leading operators to Egypt.

Every year for the past 8 years, Sahar Travel has organized a custom tour to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Omra.

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